11:21 AM


I sign in exactly ONE year later? Well, this could be a sign...either good or bad, I'll take it!

12:25 PM


YAY! No cover art for it, but I am so thrilled to see it played on here!

6:28 AM


Proud mentions on AOL Radio! Front page news for the single, "NEW DIVIDE"!

I am so proud of my boys!

At work I listen to AOL Radio... I know, I should be listening to our stations but when we don't play the formats I want to hear, then what's the point? =X I get really excited to hear my band when they come on AOL Radio. =) So here's a few screen caps... random... maybe boring to you, but I love it! ;)

6:27 AM


Last Thursday was my first weigh in! I LOST 6.5 lbs!! I am excited about this. I know it's small, but for a week that's pretty good! It's getting easier to drink my food...-laugh- The shakes aren't bad at all and I'm finding myself not craving food as much. Tomorrow I will go and weigh in again and we'll see what happens!

7:04 AM


This question was asked at LiveJournal.com:

"Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?"

I wouldn't say that I have recurring dreams, but I do have recurring themed dreams. The theme usually revolves around my favorite things… a TV show or movie, a band or band member, and/or my husband. Last night I dreamed that Sylar, from Heroes, captured me and I had to fight him. Ultimately, to save my life I had to pretend to be evil to gain his trust… it was the coolest dream that I have dreamed in a while.

I think I will build a fan fiction around it…maybe?

10:13 AM

Day Six - Journey

This...has been...the hardest...week...of...my...life. I love food. I love international dishes and good home-cooked meals from my mother... Unfortunately I need to get over this love and realize that food doesn't love me back. It's a love/hate relationship.

I've followed my program really good today. I've had tea and water to take away the hunger between meals and it seems to work. One more day until my first doctor's visit...we'll see. If I haven't lost a pound, I will try not to give up but it will be hard...

7:22 AM

Great News! :)

I'm late on posting this, I know!

Linkin Park's new song title "NEW DIVIDE" will be released on Monday, May 18th for our listening pleasure on the radio! I am so excited! I'm also excited that LP will be writing the score for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! I'll be sure to buy my copy on June 23rd...and I'll be watching the movie the next day... I love Transformers... :D ((I miss the old cartoons... -sigh-))

Linkin Park has been such and influence in my life and I truly do thank them for everything they have done for me. They may not know it, but they've saved my life and I'll forever be in their debt.

Now that I have said my peace, I would like to rant...(late on posting this too...I've felt this way for a long time...)

I get so irritated at so-called Linkin Park "fans"...I'm talking about the ones who aren't dedicated enough to know enough about them and then bash their music. They love their older music and hate "Minutes to Midnight". I LOVE all of their music. I am a die hard fan and have been for many years. Don't bash a CD just because you don't like it. Constructive criticism is best. I don't care if they changed their sound. They are brilliant and I will be looking forward to every note they continue to write.

I am biased, but... I have read a few of the member's of LPUnderground.com's comments...if you're a true fan, don't bash them on the site where true fans love to give praise...we have too much anger in this world as it is and we don't need this kind of harsh behavior to make things worse.